The Art of Reflection

The mirror is an essential device and several can usually be found in every home. As well as allowing us to see our reflection, a mirror can be a decorative piece of art, enhancing the beauty of the surrounding space.

Human beings have always been interested in viewing their reflection and the first ‘mirrors’ would have been pools of still water. The first evidence of manufactured mirrors comes from modern-day Turkey, where pieces of highly-polished obsidian were used around 6000 BC. Copper began to take over as the material of choice for creating mirrors until around 2000 BC, at which point bronze began to take over.

The mirrors we used today are known as ‘silvered-glass’ mirrors and were invented by Justus von Liebig, a German chemist, in 1835. Although this seems a very recent date, the idea of coating glass with a highly-reflective metal has been in existence since the first century AD.

Within the diverse ‘Homeware’ section of our new website, we have a selection of beautiful mirrors designed to bring an elegant and artistic touch to a room. Adding a mirror to a small room is a fantastic way of making the space appear larger while a mirror in a space that is already of a generous size can create an exciting focal point.

The Slim Ribbon Design Mirror is a refined choice, with its cream-painted finish and tasteful silver ribbon decoration. Clean lines and neutral colouring make this a perfect choice for rooms with a minimalist style.

At the other end of the scale is the Oval Ribbon Design Mirror. This large piece has a bold and striking antique gold colour with a strong, imposing aesthetic and is designed to make a statement.

One of our most popular mirrors is the Wall-Mounted Shelf Mirror with Three Picture Frames. This innovative piece is both useful and attractive, with its photo-frames of assorted shapes and integral shelf. Rendered in a subtle yet striking grey colour, this mirror makes an ideal gift.

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