Which Fabric is Best?

Persephone Pink/Green

juneau faric 2

Springtime Red/Green

When choosing fabric for upholstering, consider how the furniture is to be used. Occasional furniture can be upholstered in fine, delicate fabrics of a light colour whereas furniture intended for a family home should be upholstered with a more hardwearing fabric of a colour that will not be immediately marred by occasional marks.

Each individual piece of furniture will have different requirements and so Russkell Furniture offer the most extensive choice of fabrics for upholstery. Our expert team our always available to offer competent advice on selecting exactly the right fabric and our customers can also provide their own if they wish to achieve a truly bespoke design.

Why not request a sample to help you choose the perfect fabric for your furniture?

Our Fabrics

Here are just a few of the 100’s of fabrics we have available. Why not take a trip to our showroom in Darwen, Lancashire where you can browse through our swatches at your leisure. All swatches are available to send through the post.

Just let us know what you would like through our Furniture Fabric page and we’ll send them off to you.