Upholstery Services


LR 15 Melbury Cushion Seat + Cushions

1052 Persephone Plus Chair Close Up

What can be reupholstered? Our expert team can upholster anything and anywhere! As well as chairs, stools and sofas, Russkell Furniture have been commissioned to upholster areas within caravans, boats and even a luxury private aeroplane.

The first step is to send us an image of your proposed project, after which one of our specialists will quickly be in touch to offer a full upholstery solution.

You can choose from our extensive array of leathers and fabrics for your upholstery project. If you require a specific fabric, you can provide this yourself and our team will use it to expertly complete the job. To make the process as convenient as possible, we can arrange to collect furniture and return it safely after the expert upholstering process is complete.

If you have something which you would like us to reupholster, send us a picture of it to sales@russkell.co.uk or call us on 01254 773232 to enquire!