Currently Trending — Henley Furniture

A current highlight of Russkell Furniture’s exciting ‘Top Trends’ section is the Henley range. Particularly popular in homes with limited space thanks to its compact design, Henley furniture offers the perfect combination between practicality and luxury.

Comfort and style are inherent to the Henley range. Relaxing into the chair or sofa is a blissful experience and the comfortable cushions are easily removed for maintenance. Scrolled arms are a signature of Henley furniture and add immeasurably to the overall aesthetic, offering an elegant and refined appeal.

The range is particularly compact though this certainly does not mean there is not enough room to sit. The intelligent, ergonomic design of Henley furniture has allowed for generous seat space and also has a high back, adding further levels of comfort and aesthetic appeal yet still fitting snugly into smaller spaces.

The first step in creating a piece of Henley furniture is to choose between fabric and leather; there are four varieties of each material. The fabric collection comprises Crushed Velvet Pastiche, Opulence Velvet, Regal Sarragosa and Highland Tartan Wool while the leather collection includes Antique, Premium and Selveggio Deluxe. At the top of the range is the Tribe Executive Collection, a truly luxurious choice of leather.

Once the fabric is selected, there is a range of colours to choose from.  Each selection of fabric has at least four and as many as twenty choices of colour and pattern, allowing any existing aesthetic to be easily matched.

Please enjoy browsing the classic range of Henley furniture currently featuring in our dedicated ‘Top Trends’ section. Our team are available on 01254 773232 or by email to offer advice and information on creating your perfect Henley chair or sofa.

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