Furniture Reupholstery Services: Bring New Life to Old Favourites!

Here at Russkell Furniture, we understand that buying furniture represents an investment, one that will provide years and years of comfort, enjoyment and practical value. It is therefore no surprise that many people can become very attached to their furniture and, when its upholstery has passed its best, feel unwilling to simply consign it to the scrap heap. 

This is especially true with well-made furniture, the frames of which are in perfect condition. It is the upholstery itself that is the problem when it becomes worn and faded through years of use. Fear not! Russkell Furniture can provide a reliable, lasting solution that will allow you to enjoy your beloved furniture for many more years to come. 

That solution is to reupholster, a complex and delicate skill that we have been continually improving since our company was established more than five decades ago in 1972. Our carefully-chosen team of time-served artisanal craftsmen and women use traditional, trusted techniques to repair, restore and reinvigorate all kinds of furniture entirely by hand, including pieces from leading brands like Cintique, Ercol, Parker Knoll, M&S and Bridge-Craft. In addition, our team has also received commissions to upholster the interiors of boats, caravans and even private aircraft!

When it comes to choosing fabrics, our team has got you (and your furniture!) well and truly covered. We stock an extensive and diverse collection of fabric and leather options, all of which are guaranteed to be of superlative quality. If you desire, you can also supply your own fabric or we can source specific fabrics from our massive network of professional connections. We'll even collect your furniture and return it safely to you after the reupholstery process is completed at our factory here in Darwen, Lancashire. 

The journey begins when you send us details and a picture of the furniture which you want to receive our gold-standard reupholstery treatment. If you're interested in any of the fabrics that comprise the premium Russkell Furniture collection, you can also use our Request-a-Swatch service to have any five swatches of your choice delivered direct to your door. Our team will work out a bespoke solution and get back in touch with you to begin the process. 

Inspire yourself by checking out our Reupholstery Gallery to see past projects that our team have successfully completed. While you're on the website, please take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter to receive lots of updates and special features from Russkell Furniture.

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