Chairs: The Record Breakers!

The members of our expert team here at Russkell Furniture thought they knew all there was to know about chairs. All of that changed when we took a deep dive into the Guinness Book of World Records! Many of the records therein are chair-related and so we thought we would entertain you by sharing what we discovered...

World's Tallest Chair
We pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide range of chairs in many different sizes but all of them are dwarfed by this one! Two Austrian companies, Holzleim Bauwerk Wiehag and XXXLutz, collaborated to construct the mammoth chair, which stood at a towering 30 metres in height.

World's Oldest Surviving Upholstered Chair
When carried out to exacting standards, the process of upholstery imbues a piece of furniture with exceptional longevity. Nowhere is this more evident than in the oldest surviving upholstered chair, which dates back over 150 years to 1661. The chair, which was created by William Juxon, has a frame of beech timber and was expertly upholstered in purple velvet before being finished with satin trims in blue and green. A delicate fringe of gold wire added a luxurious final flourish.

World's Most Expensive Chair
A well-crafted chair is an investment that pays for itself by providing many years of useful service. That said, we're not sure any chair can justify a price tag of €21.9 million (around £18.73 million)! This is the amount paid at auction in 2009 by Cheska Vallois of France for a chair designed by Eileen Gray that belonged to Yves Saint Laurent. 

World's First Chair in Space
Any dive into the record books starts getting weird sooner or later and we have now arrived at that point! Firmly attached to a weather balloon, the first domestic chair was sent into space by Simon Faithfull, a British artist. Entitled 'Escape Vehicle No. 6', Faithfull's created his unique 2004 art piece to 'express his frustration with the force of nature that keeps him tethered to the Earth'.

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