Fabulous Footstools and Luxurious Loungers!

Sofas and chairs are essential items of furniture but they don't always meet your every need. Footstools can be added to your seating setup to bridge any gaps, whether they are to provide handy extra room when you need it, or to enhance the aesthetic of a room or both. 

The Russkell Furniture product portfolio offers access to an eclectic range of options in this regard and this edition of our blog introduces each item. 

Barham Slab
Though the Barham can indeed be used as a footstool, its unique design in fact extends its reach beyond this category and can be used as comfortable occasional seating or even as a table. Standing at a height of 30cm, the sleek and smart Barham Slab features a flat, quartered top, with each section enhanced in appearance using superb stitch details. Built around a robust wooden frame, this delightful piece of furniture is upholstered using top-grain buffalo leather in either Black or Brown colour options.

Mr Paddington Footstool
Expressly designed to complement our popular Mr Paddington chairs and sofas, this charming footstool is a joy to behold. Standing atop chunky legs crafted from solid ash timber of absolute premium quality, the stool features a luxurious and super-comfortable cushion that is lavishly plump. This decadence of design is carried right through to the upholstery material, which is a fine top-grain leather in an elegant Vintage Brown colour. 

The Fabien Collection
The feeling you get when you allow your body to sink into the Fabien lounger is almost impossible to put into words. In fact, strike the word 'almost' from that last sentence! Adjectives like 'divine', 'exquisite' and 'breathtaking' only hint at the all-encompassing pleasure that the Fabien lounger selflessly provides to anyone who sits in it. The Fabien collection also includes footstools which, like the loungers, are available in Ochre or Mineral colour options. 

For those who wish to enhance their simple-yet-practical arrangement of armchairs and sofas, we have plenty of exciting possibilities here at Russkell Furniture. In addition to the items showcased in this edition of our blog, we also have a wide array of accent and statement chairs as well as dining chairs, bar stools and much more besides. 

The selection of styles is truly diverse but every single item has one thing in common: they are carefully crafted by our team of experts and guaranteed to be of absolutely superlative quality. Browse the Russkell Furniture website to discover YOUR perfect selection of seating!

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