Everlast – The Easy Way to a Gorgeous Garden

One of the best things about the warm weather is being able to spend time in the garden. Whether its breakfast on the patio, an afternoon barbecue or long drinks into the twilight hours, time spent outside in your own outdoor yet private space is precious and so comfortably and creatively furnishing it as you would furnish any other part of your home is essential. Check out our brand new range of wicker furniture and give your garden an instant makeover today!

Wicker is formed by tightly weaving fibres to form a strong and rigid yet lightweight material. It has been used since Ancient Egyptian times for making furniture such as tables and chests though was also used for fancier items such as wig-boxes and shields. The use of wicker gradually spread outwards until it reached the UK, where it was enthu­si­as­ti­cally received; the Victorians in particular made great use of wicker for an ever-growing array of products. Today, wicker is still used to create quality furniture, particularly garden furniture, thanks to it being sturdy and resistant to inclement weather while also being light and easy to move around.

Our new range of wicker garden furniture is from the Baumhaus Everlast brand which, created from state-of-the-art synthetic wicker, can withstand wet, dry, cold or hot weather with ease, showing no signs of mould or perishing. Hand-woven by expert manufacturers, each piece of Everlast garden furniture is fixed and fitted with durable stainless steel.

The Round Weave Wicker Dining Cube Set

If you're looking for a complete set to instantly transform your garden, then look no further. The Round Weave Wicker Dining Cube Set comprises a large square glass-topped table, four armchairs and four stools, all of which can be easily stored away in an extremely compact fashion; this means the set is perfect for a big party or just a romantic meal for two. All of the seats have comfortable and supportive cushions to provide the ultimate outdoor dining experience and the set will mix and match perfectly with any other item from the Everlast collection.

The Round Weave Wicker Storage Cupboard

Keeping a garden tidy is essential in order for it to be enjoyed and relaxed in to its full extent. Garden tools, toys, flowerpots, shoes and a host of other items require a storage area, which is perfectly provided by the Round Weave Wicker Storage Cupboard from Baumhaus. A pair of hinged, lockable doors open to reveal several shelves within the unit, further complemented by a removable lower shelf to accommodate larger items.

The Everlast Parasol

As nice as it is to sit in the sunshine, it can become a little too much during the hottest and brightest part of the day. This is when the gorgeous Everlast Parasol comes into its own, offering instant shade and comfort with just a few simple turns of the integral winding mechanism. Lightweight yet sturdy, the parasol can be supplied in a choice of colours to suit any garden aesthetic.

Please enjoy browsing the full range of Everlast products available from Russkell Furniture and do not hesitate to contact our experienced team for further information. You can call us on 01254 773232 or email info@russkellfurniture.co.uk.

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