Crushed Velvet – A Noble History

The current trend for crushed velvet on haute couture catwalks is filtering through to the world of interior design, which has seen a sharp rise in orders for furniture upholstered with the lustrous and luxurious fabric. Our Crushed Velvet Pastiche collection of fabrics can be used to upholster any of the Russkell Furniture range of quality made-to-order furniture.

For centuries, velvet has been associated with luxury, elegance and nobility. The fabric appears to have originated in the Kashmir region of India, from where travelling merchants introduced it to Baghdad and Cairo; this latter city quickly became the world-leading producer of the fabric, introducing it to Venice and, from there, on to the rest of Europe. After the Industrial Revolution, when powered looms became commonplace, velvet became much more accessible to the general public and has since then maintained its popularity and versatility.

The quality that velvet is most often noted for is its soft, sleek and distinctive texture. This texture, caused by the even distribution of cut warp threads, is achieved by creating two lengths of fabric which are cut apart before being wound separately onto take-up rolls. To create crushed velvet, the fabric is pressed in a number of different directions after weaving, giving a beautifully-textured and uniquely-tactile effect.

Our Crushed Velvet Pastiche collection is available in an eclectic colour range from classic Brown or Black to contemporary Mink or Damson. The fabrics can be used right across our range of made-to-order chairs and sofas, offering the chance to create the design combination that is absolutely perfect for the chosen space.

Simply choose your favourite furniture design from our superlative selection and then select the 'Crushed Velvet Pastiche' fabric option to view the exciting colour palette available. If you can't make up your mind, why not use our convenient 'Request a Swatch' service?

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