Darwen – A Rich Industrial History

Our entire range of made-to-order luxury furniture is lovingly designed and hand-crafted at our factory in Darwen, Lancashire, where the business was first established by Ken Stott back in 1972. Still a family-owned and -run company, Russkell Furniture now employ more than 40 staff members, each an expert in their field from designing and crafting furniture to providing professional and efficient administration and customer service.

Situated on the River Darwen and with its name deriving from the word 'oak', Darwen has a long and rich industrial heritage that can be dated as far back as the Bronze Age. Like many other similar towns in the area, Darwen became a hub for textile manufacturing at the time of the Industrial Revolution, leading to the building of the many mills that are still in active use today. Darwen was particularly notable during this time due to the fact that Samuel Crompton, the famous inventor of the 'spinning mule', lived in the area. As further transport links, such as rail and the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, arrived in Darwen during the 19th century, the town grew and thrived. Today, many notable companies are based in Darwen, including aeroplane-part manufacturers Brookhouse and Crown Paints, the oldest paint manufacturer in the UK.

This rich tapestry of industrial development was the perfect backdrop for Ken Stott to establish his business, painstakingly crafting exquisite pieces of bespoke furniture by hand. News of the superlative quality of this furniture quickly spread and the reputation of the business began to grow as more and more people requested bespoke furniture from the skilled craftsman.

Russkell Furniture is now headed by Russell Stott, Ken's son. Our furniture is now crafted by a hand-picked, experienced team of skilled builders and upholsterers and we remain true to the original spirit of the business by hand-crafting each bespoke design. We also continue to operate from Olive Mill in Darwen, making a significant contribution to the thriving local economy.

There are three steps to creating your perfect sofa with Russkell Furniture:

Choose your model.

We offer a stunning selection of sofa and chair designs to fit perfectly into any space. Your chosen model will be hand-built from strong, durable hardwood before being sent to our skilled team of upholsterers.

Choose your material.

The right choice of fabric is essential in order to achieve the maximum potential comfort. Our range of fabrics and leathers is truly diverse; from the comfort of Highland Tartan Wool and the luxury of Regal Sarragosa to the style, sophistication and glamour of our Deluxe and Premium collections, there is something to suit every tactile taste.

Choose your design.

Patterned or plain, our choice of designs and colours is equally stunning. Any aesthetic can be matched or a new one created using our vibrant designs while our colour collection ranges from classic white, navy and black to exciting raspberry, amethyst and silver. To make sure you choose exactly the right design, you can request up to five free swatches of your chosen fabric. We are also very pleased to welcome customers to our showroom, where several examples of our luxury furniture are on display

Please enjoy browsing our extensive collection of made-to-order furniture, all of which is hand-made in the UK. For more information, please contact a member of our helpful, friendly and professional customer service team on 01254 773232 or email us at info@russkellfurniture.co.uk. We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom. Russkell Furniture - transforming your home.

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