Upholstery Services: A New Lease of Life for Beloved Furniture

Since Russkell Furniture was founded over 50 years ago in 1972, we have been dedicated to producing the finest bespoke furniture. We employ a cherry-picked team of artisans who together utilise seasoned hardwoods of absolute premium quality when crafting chairs, sofas, stools, ottomans and more.

The world today is often referred to as being a 'throwaway society', with products of all types, including furniture, being chosen mainly for their low cost as opposed to their durability. That is not how we see things at Russkell Furniture: call us old-fashioned but we believe that furniture should be built to last. The framework of well-made furniture can and should last a lifetime but it's a different story when it comes to the fabric it is upholstered with.

Over time, upholstery fabric is bound to show signs of wear and tear, from losing its colour and pattern to developing unsightly fraying or even holes in it. If that has happened to a piece of YOUR furniture then don't join the throwaway society: Russkell Furniture has the solution in the form of our reliable reupholstery service!

Using traditional, tried-and-trusted techniques, our skilled team of expert craftsmen and craftswomen are able to restore and repair all kinds of furniture. The members of this elite team, all of whom work right here at our factory in the heart of Lancashire, have access to an extensive array of fabrics and leathers or can source bespoke fabric designs; you can even provide your own fabric! We're proud to say that no automated equipment whatsoever is used by the team, who instead work entirely by hand to deliver absolute perfection.  

To start your journey, all you need to do is send us a photo of the furniture you wish to have reupholstered, along with any relevant details. Soon after we receive your message, one of our specialists will get right back to you and give you a clear idea of what sort of solution we can offer. You can then start browsing our superlative selection of fabrics and order free swatches to be sent to you. 

When we have agreed upon a suitable plan together, we'll come and collect the furniture and bring to to our factory to be restored. When that's done, we'll bring it safely back to your home for you to enjoy once again. 

We invite you to browse the inspiring reupholstery gallery on our website, which features numerous before-and-after images of recent projects our team has worked on, all in glorious HD for your viewing pleasure!

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