The Chaise Longue – A Regal History

Although almost always spelled in English-speaking countries as ‘chaise lounge’, the correct term for this regal piece of furniture is the similarly-spelt chaise longue, which is the French for ‘long chair’. However you spell it, the fact remains that these gorgeous pieces of comfortable furniture are pure luxury and are designed for complete relaxation.

A chaise longue occupies the middle ground between a chair and a sofa - one end has a high back like a chair which tapers downwards towards the opposite end to create the traditional attractively-asymmetric shape. The piece of furniture dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt, where the earliest discovered examples used cord and rawhide to lash together palm fronds; this method was later improved with the use of ebony and ivory veneered wood and, later still, with innovative tenon-and-mortise construction.

Chaises Longues have always been associated with luxury and regality - ancient art from both the Roman and Greek Empires depicts them as the furniture of choice for gods, goddesses, kings and queens to recline upon during feasts and parties. The very word ‘recline’ comes from the Ancient Greek kline, the name for the daybed very much like a chaise longue on which important members of a symposium (originally meaning ‘a gathering of drinkers!) would relax.

Russkell Furniture supply a choice collection of chaises longues designed to bring a regal, luxurious air to any creatively-designed room. Our particular favourite is the truly exquisite Chateau Carved Chaise, an imposing yet inviting piece of furniture inspired by classic French antique design. Formed from high-quality carved wood with an aged finish and completed with a subtly-striped and finely-upholstered fabric, this chaise longue is fit for a king or queen (and big enough for a prince and princess too!).

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