The 'Alice' Patchwork Chair – Perfect for Summer

If you are looking for the perfect way to transform your home for the coming summer, then look no further! Russkell Furniture are proud to present the Alice Velvet Patchwork Chair which, teaming contemporary upholstery design with a timelessly-classic shape, is the ideal statement piece of furniture to brighten up your home.

When discussing the Alice patchwork chair, the very first thing that demands attention is colour; deep, smooth and earthy tones of brown and purple exude confidence and luxury yet are refined and tasteful enough to let vibrant aquamarine and vivid scarlet take centre stage. There is no discernible order to which squares of colour lay next to one another, rather the riotously-joyful random explosion suggests a playful, one-of-a-kind piece. Named after the protagonist from the Alice in Wonderland adventure series written by Lewis Carroll, the Alice chair is truly a wondrous creation.

Though this unique design aesthetic is so bold, once you look beyond it you really begin to appreciate the true beauty of this chair. Stood atop four extravagant legs of differing designs at the front and back, Alice has a presence that is at once imposing and inviting. High arms and a low slung seat offer a supremely comfortable experience as you sink in, supported by the tall, regal back. Delivered fully assembled and ready to place, this chair is only for those with a real sense of individual style.

The perfect companion for Alice is Matilda Footstool, undeniably one of the cutest items in our entire collection. Standing a comfortable 25cm high and with a generous seating area of 40cm², this gorgeous patchwork footstool is a consistent best-seller thanks to its combination of elegant form, efficient function and competitive price-tag.

Please enjoy checking out these pieces of luxury furniture and don't forget that, until 25th May 2014, every single item from our collection is available with an attractive 10% discount in price.

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