Sublime Seats for Festive Eats!

With Christmas a few weeks away, there's not much time to sit back and relax when it comes to preparing your home. That said, when you purchase dining furniture from Russkell and discover just how fabulous it really is, taking a seat is going to be the only thing on your mind!

In this edition of our blog, we will be introducing two superb seating styles from our extensive yet eclectic range. Be prepared to be delighted by Hawking and Elliot...

The Hawking Collection
The first thing about Hawking dining chairs that will first catch and then hold your gaze is their distinctively-elegant curvature, a motif that is beautifully evident in both the metal legs and leather-upholstered seats. Carefully designed to deliver the perfect balance between form and function, the chairs offer style and comfort in equal measure. Three contemporary colour options are available to choose from — Brown, Charcoal and Ember.

If these dining chairs appeal to your sense of interior design, why not enhance your home further with matching lounge chairs and stools? Please browse our website to discover the complete Hawking collection.   

Elliot Dining Chairs
Elliot dining chairs take their design cues from the instantly-recognisable Scandi style of indoor living. Evolved over an extensive period of time in its homelands, the Scandi aesthetic became prominent in Europe and the USA in the early 1950s and has continued to grow in popularity.

'Scandi' is short for 'Scandinavian', a term which collectively refers to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It is common to hear people include Iceland and Finland as well but these are in fact considered to be Nordic countries. The defining element of Scandi furnishings is refined minimalism, with a strong focus on simple, clean lines and neutral tones.

Generally speaking, Scandinavian people place a high value on the natural world and are known for their love of the great outdoors; this admirable quality has directly influenced the materials (especially natural timber) that feature so often in furnishings designed in the Scandi style. The temperature in these far-north countries is often bitterly cold and so creating a cosy atmosphere indoors is crucial, which accounts for the warm and inviting textures of Scandi-style fabrics; linen is a firm favourite.

A Danish word that neatly summarises Scandi interior design is 'hygge' (pronounced hue-ga), which cannot be directly translated into English without resorting to a long description. One dictionary definition of what 'hygge' means is: "A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)."

Elliot dining chairs stand proudly on legs made from the finest ash timber, which have been shaped to beautiful perfection. The seats have been upholstered by hand using tactile linen in either Slate Grey or a versatile Neutral tone. 

The chairs that comprise the Hawking and Elliot collections are, like every other piece of furniture supplied by Russkell, hand-made by our talented and dedicated team of artisans. Built to last a lifetime, our furniture will continue to bring you joy long after the festive season is over. Please browse the Russkell Furniture website to find your perfect piece! Save 30% on your order by using promo code RUSS30 at checkout. 

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