Statement Chairs – What Does Your Furniture Say About You?

If you have a taste for luxury furniture that stands out and creates a unique aesthetic, then you are going to love the Russkell Furniture collection of ‘Statement Chairs’, each with its own individual charm, beauty and panache. From the occasional perching place to the full-on loveseat, our eclectic selection of bold, exciting chairs contains 30 crafted pieces of furniture that are bound to delight.

All of the chairs in our collection are securely delivered ready-to-place. Some of our favourites are detailed below but please enjoy browsing the full collection to find your perfect statement chair.

Oozing with retro appeal, our Vintage Style Salon Chair will bring a touch of old-fashioned class to any room in which it is placed. Standing atop four sturdy legs with a shabby-chic distressed finish and featuring a gently-tilting back and soft, roomy seating area, this chair feels as comfortable as it looks cool.

Our Patchwork Chair takes us from the vintage and lands us firmly in the contemporary, spellbinding us in the process with its rich combination of vibrant colours. With not even a nod to subtlety, this chair grabs the attention and holds it, all but demanding that the viewer sinks into its psychedelic yet soothing design. Once this step is taken, there is no going back, the Patchwork Chair envelops its sitter in pure, unadulterated and blissful comfort. Sound too good to be true? We have sat in it and believe us - it’s even better.

Looking for a chair fit for a king or queen? Then don’t be put off by the lowly-sounding name of our next item - the Tall Porter’s Chair. Finely upholstered with glamorous black or fabulous silver velvet and with a sweeping, majestically-high back, this chair really should be called a throne and is finished with a glittering array of diamante buttons to add the final regal touch.

We couldn’t finish without mentioning our Loveseat! With exactly enough room for two people to cosy up together, this is one of our best selling pieces of statement furniture and its classic, understated style makes it versatile enough to use in almost any space. If you’re feeling amorous (or would like to!), simply curl up with your partner and let the Loveseat work its magic!

What does your furniture say about you? Be sure it makes a statement with these and the rest of our collection! Need more info or advice on choosing the right statement chair for you? Call our team today on 01254 773232 or email

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