Reupholstery with Russkell – The True and Traditional Professionals

If you are looking for an easy way to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture, then try out our professional reupholstery service! Don’t throw that well-loved chair, sofa, stool or other piece of furniture away - check out our top ten reasons to Reupholster with Russkell and your furniture could soon be transformed.

 1 - The Fabric Collection

We have chosen a stunning range of leather and fabric for our collection, each selected for its combination of tactile quality, beautiful design and supreme quality. Snuggle up onto cosy Highland Wool or indulge your aesthetic senses in the deep richness of Regal Sarragossa - the choice is completely yours.

2 - A Custom Choice

If your aesthetic appetite isn’t quite whetted by our fabric collection, then we encourage you to provide your own fabrics. Using this bespoke fabric, our expert reupholstery team will create your unique furniture exactly according to your individual demands. By working closely with our many industry contacts, Russkell Furniture can also help to source any particular style of fabric you have in mind.

3 - Colour with Confidence

Choosing colour correctly is an important part of designing a space. Deep, rich colours make a space feel cosy and luxurious while lighter, more delicate tones can lend a feeling of airy spaciousness to a small room. Whatever your taste, there is something to suit everyone in our spectacular colour palette, from classic black or navy to exciting damson and raspberry.

4 - Patterned or Plain?

You can choose to either complement or contrast with an existing aesthetic design. Patterned fabrics are good for furniture to be placed in otherwise plain rooms; the reverse is true for rooms featuring patterns in, for instance, the carpet or curtains. Take advantage of our Request-a-Swatch service to try out your choices in situ.

5 - Trust our Experience

The classical craft of upholstery is a skill that must be finely honed over many years and we have chosen only the most talented upholsterers as members of our team. We have more than 40 years’ experience in the upholstery trade and our dedicated use of traditional techniques allows us to reupholster furniture to the highest possible standard.

6 - We Take it Personally

In order to get work done as quickly as possible, thus improving profits, many reupholstery companies make use of automated machines and processes in their practice. In our experience, no machine is comparable to a dedicated, skilled craftsperson working by hand on an upholstery project and so this is the Russkell Furniture method - treating each piece with the personal attention it needs.

7 - Friendly and Efficient

Our dedication to providing the best possible experience to our customers is not confined simply to our products - our helpful, friendly and professional customer service team will be in close contact with you throughout the reupholstery process, ensuring that, from ordering your first fabric sample to caring for your furniture once it is received and everything in between, your experience with us will be a positive one.

8 - Don’t Limit Yourself!

Reupholstery is not just for chairs and sofas! Our skilled team have been called upon to create, restore and refurbish a variety of car, boat and caravan interiors with quality upholstery - we have even used our impressive skills on the inside of a private aeroplane! Got an interesting or unusual idea? Let us know the details and we can create a plan together!

9 - Get some Inspiration

Check out the pages of our reupholstery gallery, where you can find lots of HD images of our previous reupholstery work. From restorations, where the chair is taken back to its original undamaged beauty, to transfor­ma­tions, where the furniture is barely recognisable from its previous incarnations, can all be found here to help inspire you.

10 - Beyond Repair? No Need to Despair!

If there is no hope for your well-used but well-loved piece of furniture, there may be no other choice but to finally get rid. This will leave an empty space which you can then fill with something from our gorgeous made-to-order furniture range! Built by hand at our Darwen factory, each piece is designed to offer a lifetime of style and comfort.

Ready to reupholster? Call us now on 01254 773232 or email at to get started.

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