The Henley Range

Our range of sofa styles is so broad that, when coupled with the near-infinite permutations of colours and fabrics available, it truly offers the perfect piece of luxury furniture to suit any space. Perhaps the most popular pieces of made to order furniture from Russkell are from the Henley range, which combines gorgeous style with practical dimensions.

When furnishing a smaller room, it can be difficult to fit everything in without the space becoming cluttered. Seating obviously takes up a large proportion of the available space and so it is important to select pieces that will fit well yet will not compromise on either comfort or style. Henley furniture perfectly fits this brief.

Henley luxury furniture has a classic design, with strong angular lines that gradually and slightly taper inwards towards the top of each piece, curving to accommodate the small scroll arms. Raised from the ground and supported by sturdy, antique-effect legs, the furniture is commanding without being imposing, its compact appearance belying the generously-sized seat and back cushions which offer an immensely comfortable experience. The cushions are removable for easy maintenance.

With so many qualities, it is not difficult to see why items from the Henley range number amongst our most popular pieces of luxury made to order furniture. Available as an armchair or a 2- or 3-seat sofa, the full Russkell Furniture range of colours and fabrics allows our customers to create exactly the aesthetic they wish to achieve, with the guarantee that the finished article will meet and then exceed all expectations.

For more information on Henley furniture or any of the other exciting homeware in our eclectic range, please call our team on 01254 773232 or email us at

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