An Exciting Partnership – Introducing Mindy Brownes

Russkell Furniture are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with fresh and exciting interior design company Mindy Brownes, joining their exclusive distributor network which stretches right across Europe from Russia to Portugal.

Our talented and dynamic team of researchers continually study changing trends, seeking out the freshest and most creative designers whose innovative design solutions we can then share with our customers. With an extensive product portfolio of traditional and contemporary furniture, classic accessories and feature lighting, Mindy Brownes fits perfectly into the Russkell Furniture dedication to offering a wide and diverse yet refined and eclectic choice of quality furniture at a realistic price. We believe that, once you browse the gorgeous selection of Mindy Brownes's products now available from Russkell Furniture, you will feel the same sense of wonder, inspiration and admiration experienced by our research team when they first discovered the quality range.

Mindy Brownes was established deep in the Lake District of County Westmeath in Ireland, from where the company still operates today. Like Russkell Furniture, the company employ a skilled team of researchers to keep a finger on the pulse of interior design trends all around the globe, using the information to inform the unique design choices of their ever-growing collection of luxury furniture. Designers at Mindy Brownes also take great inspiration from the stunning surrounding landscape of the naturally-beautiful region.

We have firstly added our own personal favourite items from the Mindy Brownes collection to our website, some of which are detailed below. To be kept informed about the addition of new products to the range, please subscribe to our regular, feature-packed newsletter which provides important updates from Russkell Furniture as well as news of exclusive discounts and offers.

Offering an aesthetic that is at once taseful and decadent, the Mindy Brownes Daviel Table Lamp is a true objet d'art and will become an instant focal point of any area in which it is placed. With a deeply cinnamon-coloured body formed from high-quality porcelain, the lamp features attractive bronze detailing which lends a vintage feel that is bang on trend and an imposing height of 79cm means that it cannot fail to be noticed.

The pretty name of Karina has two possible origins: it is either derived from the Greek word meaning 'pure' or from the name of the Greek goddess of magic Hecate. Either meaning perfectly suits the simple and understated yet enticing and evocative beauty of the Mindy Brownes Karina Mirror. At first glance or from a distance, the pale, perfectly circular design seems completely minimalistic and blends beautifully with any surrounding. Upon closer inspection, however, intricate artistic details reveal themselves, adding an exciting dimension to this truly gorgeous item.

Tall, shapely and inviting, the Mindy Brownes Bronte chair offers an unrivalled sitting experience while its classic brown finish manages to be both contemporary and traditional with the expert addition of selected tweed fabric on the back. Incredibly versatile, the chair could suit a multitude of spaces and is a quick, simple and affordable way to update the style of a room.

Please enjoy browsing our selection of Mindy Brownes furniture and do not hesitate to contact our skilled team for further information. Call us on 01254 773232 or email us at

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