Accessorise with Confidence and Creativity

Knowing how to accessorise is an essential part of designing any room. Russkell Furniture make it easy with our extensive yet eclectic collection of homeware and accessories; each of the items in the collection offers a unique charm teamed with the trademark Russkell Furniture guarantees of quality and value. The collection is divided amongst convenient sections, offering you a quick and easy way to successfully accessorise any space. Start your journey in the Living Room and see what treasures you discover!

Living Room.

The most communal area of the house, this room should always be conducive to both conversation and quiet relaxation. Splashes of artistic flair should be included to add flavour to the space; browse our gorgeous collection of living room accessories to find your perfect piece. The careful placement of an attractive clock will combine aesthetic beauty with a practical application; our Spiral Ball Design Clock, with its bold surrounding spheres of copper and silver hues, is designed to be a statement piece that will create an instant sense of style.


A kitchen is the natural heart of a home; warm and inviting, it is an essential and evocative space. As so much of our time is spent in the kitchen, it is essential that this room is decorated in a visually-pleasing yet efficiently functional way that encourages people to linger and enjoy their time there. Offering the perfect combination of form and function is the Russkell Furniture 'Bless This Home' Blackboard, a stylish item with a vintage design. The blackboard joins a collection of food-and-drink themed metal plaques, all of which will create an interesting and attractive focal point in any style of kitchen.


A place of privacy and luxury, the bathroom should always offer the very highest possible levels of comfort and aesthetic beauty. We have created a simply exquisite collection of bathroom accessories, all of which offer a remarkably subtle and understated elegance that will turn any bathroom into a palatial retreat fit for a king or queen. The collection is diverse and ranges from the practical beauty of the Basket Bench with Cushion to the vintage-style 'Powder Soap' Bathroom Cruet.

The Chaise Longue.

An honourable mention must go to our hugely popular selection of chaise lounges. Chaise longue is French for 'long chair' and our fantastic pieces certainly live up to the name, offering up to a generous 1800m of legroom. At the top of the range is the Chateau Carved Chaise; made in the classic French style, this intensely-desirable piece features an aged painted finish and striped fabric of the finest, most tactile quality.

Please enjoy browsing the items which make up our unique collection of homeware and accessories. For more information on any of our products, simply call our team on 01254 773232 or email us at

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